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About Savanna

Savanna was diagnosed at 12 weeks of age with Infantile Spasms, progressing to intractable epilepsy soon thereafter.

The Grace of God shined as Savanna's first doctor was a leading pediatric epileptologist.  And, she gave Rebecca and I intense clarity about the magnitude of Savanna's situation very early (like day 3) that helped us better navigate the world of childhood epilepsy.

That first diagnosis took everything we hoped for our daughter away suddenly.  There is a timeless essay called "Welcome to Holland" that poignantly describes how life became for our family.

Savanna's first doctor recommended surgery, a radical thought indeed.  But, that became our prayer.

Savanna underwent surgery (full left POT/TPO) and today lives seizure free.   Today she thrives.  Today, she can bless our food at dinner time.

The Seize Hope Fund supports research that brings surgical intervention for seizure control to more children like Savanna. No monies donated goes to our family.  Every donation matters.

Another little essay written about our journey in a local publication is here.

This picture is an excellent metaphor for what it feels like being a parent of a child with special needs.

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